About Jock Royan.

Author - Founder

I have been a fanatical angler since a very early age and have spent over 40 years, catching thousands of fish on various Rivers, Stillwaters & Flats throughout the World. I was introduced to Salmon Fishing by Jock Masson, arguably the finest angler ever to have cast a fly on the River Deveron. Together in the mid/late 70’s, we spent countless hours fishing on the Deveron’s finest beats, normally by invitation but occasionally without! As a 17 year old, whilst waiting to join the Royal Air Force, I was very fortunate to spend a year on the River Deveron’s finest beat – Forglen, then under the watchful eye of legendary Ghillie Jonathan Taylor.

Not only did Jock and Jonathan teach me a great deal about Salmon fishing, but as WW2 veterans many lessons on life in general. Both were remarkable men, excellent role models and of course, in the tradition of distinguished Salmon fishers, great raconteurs. In 2006 after serving 26 years in the RAF, I followed my heart and began as Ghillie at Kinermony on the River Spey. There, I spent 8 wonderful years, meeting clients who became life-long friends and together we increased the Kinermony catch average by 40%. In 2014, due to family commitments, I decided to return to Mechanical Engineering and spent the next 6 years working in Oil Industry.

Now, with a little more free time, my intention is to reinvigorate my passion for fly-fishing, both on the Majestic River Spey and further afield. As a Scottish International Fly Fisher and former Ghillie, I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge on River, Stillwater, and SaltWater Fly Fishing and my aim is to pass on this expertise to seasoned and novice anglers alike. Please feel free to contact me through this site whether you seek information on fishing availability, tackle, casting tuition, general advice or whatever – you’ll find it all here.

Finally, I’d like to encourage you to join the Speyghillie App Facebook Page or follow @speyghiilie on Twitter and share any interesting anecdotal tales or photos from the riverbank.

Many thanks for dropping in and tight lines – Jock Royan.